Wednesday, November 30, 2016


While being touted as a "new Paul Simon song," this is in fact a remix of "The Werewolf," the opening track to Simon's Stranger to Stranger album; the "new" track also samples "The Clock," an instrumental on this same album.

On this track, according to Spin magazine, Simon is "backed and drastically overhauled by Nico Segal... and Nate Fox of Chance [the Rapper]'s default ensemble, the Social Experiment."


  1. Another Paul,

    I stumbled across your blog last year while researching my chosen theopoet for a seminary class. I enjoy it very much- especially while I’m pondering the possible meanings of lyrics.

    I’m interested in writing to the other Paul. His writing has touched my life, and I’d love to tell him so. I wonder if you know a legitimate address I might mail a letter to- or where I might begin to look.

    Thank you,


  2. Kindra-- Thank you (although I think he'd prefer to be the "original" Paul)! As for theopoetry, I have written two blogposts (elsewhere) on the religious content of Simon's songs. The best way to reach him, I imagine, would be either to post something to his Facebook wall or other social-media method (or ask the fans there)... or to see if his official website has a "contact" page. Good luck!